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News from The PTSD Project UK

We have been trying to raise the profile of Martin Carver’s campaign to help us open the first PTSD Walk In Centre for veterans of the Armed Forces. We have managed to secure him a podcast appearance with River City Veteran Seth Hopper. We still desperately need more publicity but it is hard due to the lockdown again. We will plug on with it of course. 

In lottery news this week, we are announcing the reduction of the prizes back to the previous levels with a jackpot of £1,000. The increased prizes have not resulted in the expected increase in players, so in order for our sponsorship pot from Billsby to last, we need to lower the prize again. We know that our supporters will not mind… many advised us to keep it low in the first place. 

The PTSD Project will be represented this week in Belfast at Remembrance services. Every year we pay tribute to the fallen of the Somme and it is Belfast that is home to the 36th Ulster Division who loyally sent their men to make the ultimate sacrifice and who fought so bravely. We remember them and all the servicemen and women who have given their lives in conflicts since then. 

News from The PTSD Project UK
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