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Roadshow Plans, Martin Carver Superhero Runs Redditch

Martin Carver takes to the streets and hills of Redditch, his home town, this Sunday, where he will begin and end his 13 mile half marathon in crazy conditions!

Not content with a challenging distance at the age of 60 (for some it is a challenge at 40) Martin has decided to up the ante and has decided that the Guinness Book World Records should be in attendance, at The PTSD Project UK we are still unsure which record he is attempting to achieve, but knowing Martin as we do, it’s sure to be interesting.

Added to the pressure of a possible World Record is the fact that Martin intends to drink no water and eat nothing during the run, which will be just that, a run….. no walking even though he will also have a 30lb army rucksack on! 

Please show your support for his campaign which has now become the #MemoriesAndFutures campaign comprising a further 8 events in the run up to a finale in May/June of 2021 when we hope to have raised enough money to open the UK’s 1st ever PTSD Walk In Centre for veterans of the Armed Forces, run by volunteers and veterans. We will cover some historically important places for the Armed Forces such as Plymouth and Aldershot as well as Royal Wooton Bassett. The full timetable is proving hard to pin down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as you can imagine. We should have been in Royal Wooton Bassett this coming weekend but we felt that it was missing the point of going there as the crowds we would have hope to be in the streets would not have been able to, due to the lockdown measures in place.

His fundraising page can be found in the menu or on his social media. Twitter and Facebook have the latest news on Martin’s exploits. I should tell those who don’t know that this man needs to be nominated for a #PrideOfBritain award or something like it because the work he does in the community is just astonishing. Since leaving the Armed Forces after 25 years as a regular and reserve, he runs fitness classes totally free of charge for the elderly and disabled, those with terminal illnesses and additional needs. He has done that on Zoom through the lockdown too, sometimes even before lockdown, Martin would be some of these people’s only outside contact. 

It astonishes me when I am talking to him because he doesn’t broadcast this other work he does for people and he will casually say that he has to go because he has to take a disabled lady for a walk to the shops as otherwise she doesn’t go out! And I then know another little bit about Martin Carver. The only conversations we have normally is thinking of ways to raise money quickly for the Walk In Centres, such is his passion for the project, knowing from experience the damage that PTSD can do, even years after service is finished. I thought that I did a lot of hours between this and my paid work, but he puts me to shame.

In other news………..

We are planning for New Year even in uncertain times as if we do not plan for a time when things are more certain, they may never happen or we will be ill prepared when the pandemic is over with exactly the same result, and that is something that we are determined will not occur; The PTSD Project UK will be hard to give up but one day it will be passed on to younger people and we want it to be here long after we are gone., This can be our legacy and we are determined to make it just that.

So with that in mind we will be once again be touring the towns and cities of the UK with the PTSD  Project Roadshow, speaking to the public and raising awareness of the signs to look out for, the effects that not speaking out can have and we will be working very closely with our new partners National Mental Health Society, who have quietly and efficiently taken over the administration and governance of our project whilst admirably allowing us to continue exactly as we see fit. We thank Helen and the other trustees who did so much to help us get this Project off the ground but we thought the time had come to part ways. The UK Minds Foundation are working to a long term plan and we are moving rapidly to say the least. We felt that we should utilising avenues of income such as Gift Aid and some other opportunities that came our way. Under the Foundation we were forced to accept that we would need to share any revenue from those sources equally with the other slower moving projects. 


Roadshow Plans, Martin Carver Superhero Runs Redditch
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